We have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


«KYRTSIOS –NAVAL BUREAU» is a new company in the field of shipping, however, the members of it, having more than 20 years professional experience from various positions in which they worked or continue to work, as Naval Architects – Designer & Engineer on new constructions and modifications of every kind of vessel, or as inspectors from the position of Register.

Our many years of activity in the marine community side by side to renowned Naval Architects and Technical offices at Piraeus, our activity as classification inspectors either in the department of approval of plans and studies or in the department of ship inspections, our almost daily contact with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Insular Policy all these years, gives us the opportunity today to be a member of the Inspectors of INSB Register, to cooperate with LIBERO HELLENIC SERVICE, to perform the duties of Safety Technician at the "TALOS SHIYARD" which belongs to "PRIVATSEA" Group.

Our Goal

The goal of the company is to be near to the continuous requirements of the marine community either due to changes in legislation or due to technological developments in the marine field and the ever-increasing needs and differentiations of the market, covering with the best possible way the needs of our customers combining the best technical result with the most economical solution.

The persons who surrounding the company having individually gained the trust of the marine community all these years from various positions in which they worked and they seek to transfer and increase this trust in the name of new Company.

Our Mission

As a technical and marine consulting company, serving the local and international shipping community.
Offers supports in wide range area of marine community
We're here to help you save time, reduce costs and the get most quality result.

Our Vision

Whatever challenge you face, we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


Our staff has the capability and the background to solve any issue and the same time to give to the clients all that feedback need around the rules and regulations apply to their case.